AFTERLIFE an installation

Created by Stacey Christodoulou and Enrique Enriquez

Part of THE FACTORY PROJECT, co-produced by Studio 303 and OUT Productions
Concept and mp3 player choreography Stacey Christodoulou
Concept and Spatial Design Enrique Enriquez
Sound for the mp3 players Raylene Campbell
Voices on mp3 player Dean Makarenko and Greg MacArthur
Technical Director Éric Duval

Dates September 20 – 27, 2008

Venue Eastern Bloc, 7240, rue Clark (Metro De Castelnau)

Schedule Nightly at 8:00 PM

Tickets $12 and $20

Reservations (514) 393-3771


Afterlife reconfigures Warhol’s Silver Factory into the transient space between life and death, as imagined by the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Asking the public to follow simple choreography recorded on i-pods, which was then photographed and projected on the walls of the space, the installation transforms the casual living environment of the loft into a charged theatrical event. A meditation on perception, this installation juxtaposed the experiences of the participant, the viewers and the camera to poignant and, at times, humorous effect. Set to a soundscape of Warhol’s musings on art and death – encompassing everything from Valerie Solanas to the World Trade Centre – Afterlife becomes a vessel for the ordinary person’s expression, transforming the Everyman into a Superstar — a star that burns even more brightly as it dies.



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