Macbeth 2016

FR Macbeth After two sold-out runs, The Other Theatre is proud to bring back Shakespeare’s tale of ambition, murder and magic. In a land ravaged by war, a loyal soldier is tempted to seize power at all costs. An honorable man turned tyrant through greed and desire, Macbeth pits himself against the natural order, his […]

Caminando – Mexico

FR Caminando – México The Other Theatre is committed to sharing its artistic process with communities within and outside of Quebec and Canada. During the month of September 2016, The Other Theatre, at the invitation Carolina Pimentel and Salomon Santiago of La Quinta Teatro, went to Mexico City to teach its creation process for four […]


FR LOVE U LOVECRAFT “The oldest and strongest emotion in mankind is fear. And the oldest and strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unknown.” – H.P. Lovecraft You’re somewhere but you don’t know wherePeople stare at you but you don’t know who they areYou feel guilty but you don’t know what you […]


FR Province “The forest’s advance, the animals’ unnatural frenzy, that horrific vision. I’m starting to connect the dots and the big picture is dreadful” – Hide It’s getting warmer; you can smell the fear in the air. Nature is running amok. Climate change or a much darker, transfiguring force? Province takes the audience on a […]


FR Etiquette 4 Lucid Dreaming [E4LD] E4LD is an art project created by The Other Theatre, selected for the 2013 season of the New York-based, non-profit organization Project for Empty Space. It consists of two parts: a series of in situ-participative-performance-installations taking place in the Spring; and a series of public outdoor film screenings taking […]


FR love u lovecraft (lab) Inspired by the world of HP Lovecraft, The Other Theatre manifests a little bit of horror, a little bit of fear. A young girl’s mysterious disappearance, a mother’s broken memories, prophecies, secret gardens, games in the forest – stories of the unknowable and the unnameable. As part of a its […]