Canadian French-language premiere

Antarctica. A blinding world of slowly melting ice. A world where the horizon is boundless, where one can forget one’s past and embrace a clean fresh start, where one can frolic with the penguins and breathe in cool, blue air.

The perfect place for a recovery centre.

In a not-too-distant future a highly addictive drug becomes the thrill of choice for a large part of the global population. Users are deemed to be in the grip of an addiction that must be cured before it has catastrophic consequences. They gather in Antarctica for a treatment that is unique and effective. It brings peace, tranquility and … forgetfulness. Their memories slowly fading, the residents grapple to retain their past, their identity and their humanity.

The Other Theatre presents the Quebec French-language premiere of Greg MacArthur’s richly allusive and evocative work. An allegory for our times, Recovery warns against the suppression of individuality in the face of conformity, consumerism, and the pursuit of comfort at any cost.


creative team


(French version of the play, Recovery)
by Greg MacArthur
French translation by Emmanuel Schwartz
Directed by Stacey Christodoulou


Michel Bertrand

Catherine Lavoie

Danièle Lorain

Charles-Smith Métellus

Michel Mongeau

Vanessa Schmit-Craan

Set Design

Amy Keith


Marija Djordjevic

Lighting Design

David Perreault Ninacs


Troy Slocum

Stage Manager

Barbara Zsigovics

Production Manager

Isabelle Beaudry

Technical Director

Richard Piquet


Tamara Scherbak

Dates: February 24 to March 10, 2011

Venue: At the Segal Centre for Performing Arts, 5170, Côte Ste-Catherine (Metro Côte Ste-Catherine)

Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday at 8:30 pm, Sunday shows at 2:00pm and 7:00pm. No performances Fridays

Tickets: $25 ($15 students, $18 seniors)

Reservations: (514) 739-7944



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