Caminando - México

The Other Theatre is committed to sharing its artistic process with communities within and outside of Quebec and Canada.

During the month of September 2016, The Other Theatre, at the invitation Carolina Pimentel and Salomon Santiago of La Quinta Teatro, went to Mexico City to teach its creation process for four weeks. Along with Stacey Christodoulou, members of the company Sin Palabras AC, Lorena Trigos, a Mexican-Canadian mask maker, and Jean-Marie Pinel, a French (France) Canadian sound designer and filmmaker, completed the international project.

The workshops were held every day between 9am and 4pm at La Nabe, a venue in the heart of Mexico City and were attended by 13 participants, as well as numerous observers the community. The day would begin with two-hour physical exercises, followed by physical improvisation exercises, techniques for physical creation, text creation, as well as mask-building and puppet manipulation. The studio was always open for participants to refine their creations outside of workshop hours.

The theme for the project was migration, which is of utmost pertinence to the Mexican population, given its proximity to the United States, and is an urgent theme world-wide, with the exodus of refugees from Syria and other war-torn nations. The final presentations were a day-long intervention in the outdoor popular market, the extensive Mexican subway system, and a presentation for an audience in La Nabe directed by Stacey Christodoulou.



Caminando en el vacío / Walking the void

Companies: The Other Theatre (Canada), La Quinta Teatro (Mexico), Sin Palabras AC (Mexico-France)

Participants: Stacey Christodoulou, The Other Theatre; Carolina Pimentel and Salomon Santiago, La Quinta Teatro; Lorena Trigos, and Jean-Marie Pinel, Sin Palabras AC

Dates: September 5 – 25, 2016

Venue: Foro La Nabe, Dr Vertiz 86, Mexico City, Mexico; the Mexico City Subway system; the outdoor Mexico City Market


Video by Jean-Marie Pinel

Only available with French subtitles. Please press the (CC) button on the lower right of the Youtube screen to activate subtitles.


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