by Darline Gilles

A powerful monologue about surviving sexual violence, Danser jusqu’à saigner le ciel  by Haitian writer Darline Gilles, has its video premiere at the first edition of the Global Women Performing Arts Festival in South Korea.  Stacey Christodoulou directs a 15 minute extract of the piece as part of The Other Theatre’s Digital Bardo season.

In an intimate presentation, actor Vanessa Schmit-Craan gives voice to a woman’s pain and rage, evoking the trauma endured by countless victims of sexual assault – a subject that is all too pertinent today.  A searing work, Danser jusqu’à saigner le ciel asks that the audience not turn away but look back with compassion, understanding and a commitment to justice.


Text by:  Darline Gilles

Directed by: Stacey Christodoulou

Interpretation: Vanessa Schmit-Craan

Video Production: Michael Slobodian


Subtitles in English and French via the CC button at the bottom right of the video.

 We gratefully acknowledge the  support of our funders and partners.