The Other Theatre is committed to sharing its artistic process with communities within and outside of Quebec and Canada.

After its project in Mexico City, the collective Marcher dans le vide was invited by the organization France terre d’asile for a project involving young people who are refugees from Mali, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, among others. The Other Theatre rejoined its colleagues from companies Sin Palabras and La Quinta in Paris, France for this project, which took place in August 2017.

The project involved mask-making and physical theatre and there was a presentation at the end. Because the participants were minors,  we have refrained from showing their faces for their security.


Marcher dans le vide / Walking the Void

Companies: The Other Theatre (Canada), La Quinta Teatro (Mexico), Association Sin Palabras (Mexico-France)

Participants: Stacey Christodoulou, The Other Theatre; Alfredo Romero, La Quinta Teatro; Lorena Trigos, Jean-Marie Pinel, Monica Trigos, Laura Navarro, Association Sin Palabras

Dates: August 7-18, 2017

Venue: France terre d’asile, Paris, France

Video by Jean-Marie Pinel



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