Nos masques, nos identités

Explore the world of mask-making in a three-day workshop presented by The Other Theatre and  La Maison de l’amitié.  Under the guidance of theatre director Stacey Christodoulou and designer/mask maker Lorena Trigos, participants will create their own masks and embark on a   journey of self-discovery, creativity and self-expression. Building on their past collaboration Caminando en el vacío, Stacey and Lorena will lead participants on a transformative journey, where masks unveil hidden identities and unexpected stories. Join us at La Maison de l’amitié for a fun, engaging experience.  Workshops are free and we supply all materials. Registrations are now open!

Dates and times

To create their personal mask, participants are kindly asked to attend all days of the workshop.

Day 1 – Saturday, Arpil 27th – 2pm to 6pm

Day 2 – Sunday, April 28th – 2pm to 6pm

Day 3 – Monday, April 29th- 6:30pm to 9:30pm


La Maison de l’Amitié, 120, av Duluth Est,  Montréal, QC  H2W 1H1

(Métro Sherbrooke or St-Laurent)

Room 14


To get an overview of mask creation, please see workshops that Stacey and Lorena gave in Mexioc City. The video is available with French subtitles. Please press the (CC) button in the bottom right corner of the screen to activate them.


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